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All About Earthing is a family owned and operated business that has serviced the private, commercial and government sectors for a number of years now. When it comes to your earthing needs, All About Earthing is a name you can trust, we are known for quality service and reliability.

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All About Earthing get's your Job completed right the first time. With multiple continual contracts both in the Government and Private sector, All about Earthing, will always take into consideration your company needs, both past , present and future.

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Our equipment is constantly tested, always meeting a high Australian safety standard. Our staff are highly trained and experienced professionals who uphold The All About Earthing quality work ethic from the start of a job to completion of the project.

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Whether it's Lightning Protection, Earthing, Drilling, Trenching or Testing, what ever the situation or job, All about Earthing is the one stop shop.

In electricity supply systems, an earthing system defines the electrical potential of the conductors relative to that of the Earth's conductive surface. The choice of earthing system has implications for the safety and electromagnetic compatibility of the power supply.

A functional earth connection serves a purpose other than providing protection against electrical shock. In contrast to a protective earth connection, a functional earth connection may carry a current during the normal operation of a device. Generally the protective earth is also used as a functional earth, though this requires care in some situations.
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